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. thanks for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. >> i didn't see it on the bridge, but, you know, i was driving. check with mike, see what's going on. yeah. we'll talk about the winds out there and they're gusting not quite as fast as eric was probably driving but 41 mph. pretty impressive around hayward. up to 30 around mountain view temperature sfo gusting to 36 mph. even up to the valleys, santa rosa, 23. 17 livermore. we have an isolated shower being reported up around santa rosa. otherwise it's pretty quiet this morning. you'll find some wetness on the streets, but it looks like the rain will hold off for the better part of the day. let's see how the winds are affecting the commute. >> you saw the wind advisory for the san mateo bridge. how it's gusting to 41 mph hayward. here's a live shot at the bay bridge toll plaza where traffic is very light this morning. we'll also check out the golden gate bridge for you as you make your drive out of the north bay. look out for those windy conditions as you head into san francisco but so far traffic is looking good taz -- a new
that dumped 2 million gallons of sewage into a creek. good morning, thanks for joining us. i'm kristen sze. >> and i'm eric thomas. >> a u.s. military jet has crashed. they say the plane was not shot down. both crew members on board managed to eject before the plane crash. one crew member has recovered safely and the operation to get the other crew member is underway now. terry mcsweeney is gathering details and have an update coming up. >>> manpower the roads are wet. we'll get to the latest on our storm with mike. >> we are saying there is a window for clearing that road? >> that is about right now until 2:00 or 4:00. we do have scattered showers mainly over the east bay valleys down to the southern section of the santa clara valley. heaviest rain moving into the eastern section of alameda county, altamont pass, livermore you may run into a shower there. also south of san jose, right along 101, gilroy, that is where we're seeing a little light rain. one more shower in the northern parts of napa county. this is going to bring us heavier rain with a cold front. first, let's go over to mega
. >> we have a wet wednesday. thank you so much for joining us i'm kristen sze. >> and i'm eric thomas. >> let's check in with mike to see how long the rain will be with us. >> it will be with us through the lunch hour. expect wet weather through the morning commute to about 12:00 or 1:00. if you are leaving right now the bulk of the rain is falling into the north bay. you can see around bodega bay and all up and down 101 and 29. we have healthy returns right around the bay itself from san francisco down to san mateo over to hayward, san ramon. dublin, up towards concord and walnut creek. scattered light rains around the santa clara valley. big picture will show this is all moving slowly to the east and should be out by 12:00. here is sue with the traffic. >> quick look this morning. we do have rain and an accident around the cordelia junction. it's not blocking any lanes but you will find it off to the side. we've got heavy snow in the mountains, chains are required, blue canyon, central truckee and slow traffic and screening trucks. checking mass transit it's all on time, bart, muni
for possible ponding. >> thank you for starting your week with us. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. we begin with breaking news. firefighters are on the scene of a house fire on virginia and south first street. they started about an hour and a half ago. the family living inside managed to get out safely and firefighters managed to rescue a dog. they knocked it down but said likely the house is unlivable. they'll be looking for hot spots and trying to find a cause. >> we're getting word from bart. it is resuming normal service after a train derailment. crews worked through the night and got the trains running this morning. they're trying to figure out how the trains came off the tracks. >> crews are working as fast as they can to get these bart tracks fixed and cleared by the morning commute. about 10,000 people use this section of line on a typical workday. >> hopefully bart will still be running. if not i have to drive in. >> the train derailed after 9 a.m. just after it was leaving the concord station. it happened as the operator switched from single track mode to get around work on
for help after dangerously overheated energy plant and fire trucks including one from the u.s. have been able to reach the cooling pool and building 3 this morning. panic is spreading around the plant and reported 10,000 people are fleeing even outside the evacuation zone. more than 16,000 people have been confirmed dead or missing since the quake struck a week ago. now the latest from japan. >> reporter: it's an all out battle to save the fukushima daiichi plant. they went in with high pressure water cannons to spray water to avert a potential meltdown. cruises went in with helicopters dropping 30 tons of sea water. that did little to cool it down at the site site and they said they would not resume aerial operations for now. 300 men are working around the clock to save the plant all opting to remain nameless. a wife sharing her husband e-mail. please live well, i won't be home for a while. >> friday morning a bus now on the way from sendai to tokyo for those worried about the uncertainty ahead. all of the focus is the nuclear reactor has overshadowed the humanitarian crisis that contin
and high winds. all that and more coming up >> janelle: wet morning, thanks for joining us, i'm janelle wang in for eric thomas. >> kristen: could you catch your breath? showers and it's going to get worse again. >> good morning. take a look at live doppler 7 hd. we've got plenty of green here. we'll zoom in a little closer and you notice in the north bay, rain-snow mix, talking 40s and 50s and the atmosphere is quite unstable and showers popping up through novato on through the east bay. in the south bay, more concentrated rain south of los gatos. more showers will continue. we'll see sunshine and could see some hail and heavy downpours. they will be more scattered and becoming more organized later on tonight for more steady rain through the overnight hours >> janelle: we got hit with big rain coming across the golden gate bridge. in oakland, northbound 880. couple of right lanes are closed between 23rd and embarcadero and 29th on-ramp is closed due to flooding this morning. we are -- 23rd on-ramp. 80 is closed in both directions between the state line and apple gate. you can see nobod
central valley because of the rain and runoff. let's focus in on us. you can see the shape of the mature system, this is why we're getting winds this morning. back edge, i'd say steadier rain. once we get past the next couple of hours we're going to deal with more showers this afternoon. temperatures when you step out anywhere from one to nine degrees warmer than this time yesterday. that puts us in the upper 40s to low 50s. 52 in fremont, one of the warmest spots. we won't warm much today not with the clouds and constant threat of showers. 47 in clearlake. 51 in ukiah and rest of us in the mid to upper on a. monterey bay, threat of rain, temperatures in the upper 50s, upper 50s to near 60 inland. do you see a light at the end of the tunnel? we have one more hurdle to jump, strongest storm that could cause flooding and more power outages. it will taper to showers and rain is likely sunday sunday, monday, tuesday dry weather is finally hear zbleer expect poked on the roadways. we do have wind advisory for the san mateo bridge, bay bridge and the richmond-san rafael bridge. let's take a li
them to giambi he told them how and when to use them. compared to yesterday, former mistress told the jury that bonds talked to her about taking steroids, it was responsible for a 1999 elbow injury. >> this is the first time we heard direct testimony about barry's state of mind that he knew he was using steroids. >> bonds was overcome to the steroids that he threatened to kill her a number of times. one time he said he was going to cut her off hed and leave her in the ditch. defense attorneys came after bell trying to point out she shortly after bonds dumped her, took her story to playboy and got a hundred thousand dollar contract that included nude photos, as well. giambi on the stand and his brother jeremy talking about greg anderson. prosecution trying to show that they got the steroids from greg anderson who was an associate of barry bonds. anderson is behind bars and we'll see how it shakes out. >> kristen: attorneys in the trial of a san mateo county teen trying to kill a teacher with pipe bombs will try to break a jury deadlock. they found him guilty of five of the seven ch
. it is thursday morning, right? >> it is. >> you know how it is. 4:31. thank you so much for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. alameda county deputies are searching for an inmate on the loose, and the bigger question: how did he manage to just walk away from jail. terry mcsweeney is live at the jail in dublin with the story. terry? >> 21-year-old returned to jail yesterday about 6 p.m. after a court hearing in fremont 11:00 last night. he was gone. where did he go, how did he get out of here? was it as easy as it sounds, that he walked away? take a look at the person we are talking about. he was up on charges of stolen car and pursuit. sergeant j. d. nelson of the sheriff's department says he goes by the name of ishmael ramirez. he made it to the place in the jail where inmates are released. the sheriff's office wants to know if it's human error or error in the jail design. he can't remember anybody just walking away from the jail. some have gotten out because of a mistake in paperwork but not just walked away. about 5-6, about 140 pounds. when he walked out of here, he was wearing
in the investigation of six san francisco police officers falsifying police reports. >> thank you for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. if you haven't already booked your spring or summer vacation, you may soon be priced out. that's the warning this morning after major airlines raised their fares again, the sixth time this year. terry mcsweeney is live in san francisco international with the cause and effect. terry? >> well, the cause, according to the airlines, is the increase in fuel prices worldwide. some consumer groups would disagree on that. are prices going to go up, then come down? they don't know exactly what to do. take a look at pictures of san francisco international airport. american, delta, united, continental and u.s. airways all increased fares by between 10 and $20 per trip, depending on that trip. and that is just this week. keep in mind southwest, jet blue and air tran did not increase prices. also keep in mind that airlines sometimes boost prices one day, drop 'em the next. last week fares jumped $20 only to be reduced to $10 a couple days later. airlines are gett
. the front passing us to the north, pushing a few high clouds around the neighborhoods and even patchy fog. but it is much drier this morning and a little cooler because the clouds aren't nearly as thick. the only areas not cooler, mountain view, you're exactly the same, same with santa rosa but oakland and fairfield about one degree warmer. let's break down what is happening right now. most of us mid to upper 40s. near 50 degree temperatures mountain view, oakland and also san francisco. hangs around upper 40s to 50 degrees and start to see that fog and some of the clouds dissipate. by noon upper 50s to low 60s and look at the low to mid-60s by 4:00. even upper 60s fremont, san jose, and morgan hill. it is going to be very spring-like outside today. and that also means the pollen's going to be rather high. tomorrow we have a chance of rain, the heaviest of that will fall in the north bay during the afterhours. it will be cooler. that will usher cooler weather with temperatures back in the 50s along the coast and low to mid-50s around the bay and inland. next chance of rain saturday aftern
's start with terry mcsweeney live along 880 in san leandro where sue just told us the water has shut down lanes. >> reporter: we've got two southbound lanes closed and it's because of a downpour. it happened about 2:00 this morning. they don't know what is in the drain that is clogged, but they know what they had to do as a result. two southbound lanes closed. i was just told by the chp that caltrans is going to coming out here, they are going to be doing a complete two lane shutdown with trucks and signs and cones. they are going to get in the drain and find out what is in there. if it's rocks or kreot, these lanes could be closed for hours. take a look in the oakland hills. u.s. geological survey saying the ground is 90% saturated that might explain the runoff here. hillsides and trees could be giving way. some trails are closed down to prevent hikers getting stuck. >> we're like a sponge and we're having trees fall on the trails. we have our crews out making sure we're keeping what trails we can open. >> reporter: four slides reported in the oakland hills last weekend. this one is in d
' steroid use. bonds is accused of lying to a grand jury. >> kristen: contra costa county, deputies are investigating a shooting that left one person dead. it happened on third streef in a residential area. deputies were called out after shots were fired around 9:30 last night. they found one man dead in the front yard of the house. another man was lifted airlifted to a hospital. >> eric: san pablo city council will hold an emergency meeting today. homes are continuing to slide down that was saturated in last week's rain storms. leslie brinkley reports that they are pleading for help from the city. >> the only way that our house can be saved is work would be done first on the hill. the hill has been compromised. >> they are living in a hotel after his house was yellow-tagged on this rain ravaged hillside. he joined five other homeowners in a private meeting with san pablo officials including the city manager and a soils engineer to figure out what is next. >> the slide repair, we're estimating at about $5 million it will cost repair. that is beyond the capability of the city. so we'
redevelopment agency and use the money saved to help deal with budget deficits. shifting the fund would prevent the state from taking the money away. >> it's 4:38, time to talk about weather and traffic. >> it's a little dry. a few sprinkles, but just a little bit. >> mike, it could catch us coming and going today. >> i got caught with a little bit, too. it rained on some parts of the commute during the overnight hours. here is one of the cells down in san mateo so if you are traveling from the east bay to the peninsula on the san mateo bridge you will run into rain as you head into santa clara, peninsula avenue, redwood shores parkway, those areas are getting wet. let's talk about what is going on over the past two hours, you can see an increase in the moist flow. it's go going to increase our rain chances as we head through the morning into afternoon. temperatures are a little bit cooler than yesterday. most areas still very mild when you step outside. all of us mid to upper 50s. so even with the increase in clouds and the rain, low to mid 50s especially around the bay and east bay, last year
officer. they even told us we are here at our own risk. they decided to be very cautious just in case -- they don't know what is expected. but it's predicted to hit san francisco at 8:00 this morning and the prediction is the water will raise as high as 2 feet. that could change. they have buoys in the ocean monitoring what is to come. they have not ordered any evacuations for people who live on ocean beach. there is a warning in place. people need to stay in touch, be aware because the situation keeps changing. police are very interested what's going to be happening in hawaii. that's what they're going to watch closely. that's how they're going to engage what happens on our coast. expect things out here to change. we will be here to bring you the latest information. right now you just want to stay in touch, be aware. live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> all right, amy, thank you very much. we're gonna check in right now with -- well, we'll have someone from the office of emergency services here in california to answer some questions in a few minutes. right now we'll
officers are on desk duty. one of the 56 defendants whose charges were dropped talked to us last night. >> cops, just walked up and knocked me on the ground. took me to jail. >> if we believe that we do not have the evidence to prove a case beyond a reasonable doubt, given the circumstances what is going on, what the office is at this point, then there's no case. >> and this is all causing some bad blood. on one side you have d.a. gascon and the chief says they never should have released the video that possibly proves his case to the media. it should have been released to them. so there's some argument there. interim place say everyone will go through some retraining starting next week. it's possible if things change some of the charges against the 56 defendants could be refiled. live in san francisco, terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> thank you. meanwhile a chief prosecutor says he is expects more officers to be implicated in corruption scandals in contra costa county. the commander of a narcotics enforcement team and private investigator are charged with conspiring of stealing and sell
in 2003 when he denied knowingly using steroids and one count of obstructing justice. the new york daily news reports greg ander son is expected in court today to reaffirm his refusal to testify against bonds. >> it's 4:36. sfo is getting ready to tell panhandle ares to take off. the commission is set to vote on a regulation to ban religious groups, charities and any organization asking for money on airport property. several officials say they've received 125 formal complaints by passengers about being harassed by solicitors in recent years but think it's much higher because most trafficers are too rough to report abuse. they would like to be able to distribute literature in designated areas. >> the third snow pack measurement near lake tahoe. electronic readings indicate the water content is at 99% at the april 1st seasonal average. that's a significant improvement since last month. february storms delivered another 5 inches of water content after an unusually dry january and a wet december. at this point state water managers say they expect to deliver 60% of the water requested by cali
sze. >> i'm eric thomas. >> deteriorating and apocalypse those are terrifying words by u.s. and european officials to describe the nuclear crisis in japan. military helicopters have been dumping loads of sea water to try to cool the fuel to prevent a nuclear meltdown. they predict low level radiation will lead to detectable in los angeles by tomorrow. they are sending chartered planes to japan for officials who want to leave. they are advising people to stay away 50 miles from the crippled power plant. now more on the nuclear crisis and the continuing search for survivors. >> rescuers in japan to search through debris pull bodies from the rubble makeshift morgues have been set up but with more than 4300 ten more than 10,000 still ambiguous. relief workers are overwhelmed. they waited patiently for food waters and gases with information difficult to come by frustration is growing. this woman says she is concerned radiation can't be seen. how do we know if it's in the air. maybe our food may be contaminated. this may be the world's worst nuclear disasters. >> units two and th
cause. rare. >>> that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america," coming up at 7:00. then ♪ >>> i'm terry mcsweeney live in berkeley where an all-nightstandoff has just ended with the discovery of a dead body. the story in a live report. >> and a good morning to you. we're looking at the ferry building. notice the clouds aren't nearly as wide open as they were yesterday. breezy conditions but still a little drizzle. live doppler 7 hd see if we can find light rain. >> no accidents right now but there's a lot of thick fog reported on the highway 1 skyline area and pacifica and daly city so look out for that. toll plaza shows very light traffic. >> this morning the oakland city council turns to voters to help bail the city out of its financial medicals. it puts the proposed parcel tax increase on the ballot. >> and mount diablo school board meets to consider cutting 180 jobs including teachers and librarians. >> it's 4:31 on this tuesday, no, let's make it a wednesday -- >> it's tuesday. you'd like to make it wednesday. >> by tomorr
after all. private donors come up with millions are dollars to save it. 4:31. thanks for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm kristen sze. state of emergency in hercules where a neighborhood is on the brink after total loss because of a collapsing hillside. eight homes have been severely damaged. engineers believe two of the homes are holding up the hillside but not for long. emergency declaration pave the way for possible state assistance. now, the race against time. >> we need help. we need it soon. >> billy made his plea to the city to adopt a resolution declaring a local state of emergency. this hillside is slowly swallowing up homes and his could be next. >> there is concern as the water drys out the slip plain will worsen. >> the chief says there are two major slides. four homes have been red-tagged and four others were yellow-tagged including the vogel's home. >> i want to be in in that house until i pass away. >> you really shouldn't be in there tonight. my concern is the hill will move and they won't be aware of it. >> i'm not going to leave my house. i'm going to stay and
offer from the u.s. anti-doping agency. he described the side effects of steroids when combined. smaller testicles bad acne male breast growth. increased aggressiveness and enlargement of the extremities. last week was no cakewalk for bonds. >> i wish i could say more about the case. we try not to comment on what takes place inside a court. >> reporter: getting back to the testimony of kimberly bell. bonds' legal team is on record saying the only accurate measurement can be taken with an instrument. and some reporters rolled their eyes and others giggled. no laughing matter to bonds. mr. ruby may have a female member of the legal team do the questioning. whoever asks the questioning the jury is expected to be very attentive. >> kristen: it's 4:33. members of the state puc is going to decide whether to approve an agreement to pay $3 million in fines. they agreed to pay the fines for missing records. they demanded the records after the san bruno pipeline explosion last december. they wanted to verify the safety of pressure levels. pg&e only came up with records on 455 miles of pipelines. t
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